A Glittering Ovoid Sports Hall

This silver-scaled, ovoid building was designed by Sporadical as a sports hall for a primary school in Dolní Břežany, a town in the south of the Czech Republic.

The unusual form of the building was a deliberate attempt to minimize the visual impact of its size and to give a contemporary edge to the outskirts of this evolving small town. The architects explain, “The dome draws the scale closer to humans, the metallic surface mirrors the surroundings, while the borders of the sky and of the roof remain blurred. The building camouflages its real dimensions and looks smaller than it is in reality.” The aluminum shingles that clad the exterior of the hall cause it to melt into its surrounds; the curving walls glittering in the sunshine like scales of an ellipsoid fish. The inside of the space is largely free of columns, thanks to load-bearing walls made from reinforced concrete and a latticed steel frame. A muted palette with primary color highlights is offset by larch wood paneling, and a system of curtains can section the space: allowing it to be used as not only a sports hall but a community space and meeting area also.

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