A Minimalist Japanese Home Inside A Bamboo Forest

In the midst of a bamboo forest, beside a fast-flowing river, you’ll find a minimal dark wood home — House in Higashi Ohawada, designed by Fukuoka-based architecture practice CASE-REAL.

This minimalist residence was designed for a photographer; its forest location and the creative occupation of its owner were both taken as inspiration for the structure. The home has been built overlooking a river, surrounded by a thick, luscious belt of green. From the minimal interior, clad with light wood and painted white, the sound of flowing water can be heard from most rooms and windows frame verdant pockets of forest. A studio space exists on the second floor of the home, connected to the living space on the ground floor with a well-hole designed, the architects explain, “to gently link the atmosphere of the separate floors.” A deck stretches beyond this living space towards the river, giving the illusion of complete isolation and oneness with nature, despite the proximity of the home to other houses.

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