A Tribute To North Korea’s Air Koryo By Arthur Mebius

Intrigued by the dedication of an airline crew who only fly to two destinations, photographer Arthur Mebius documents the experience of flying with North Korea’s Air Koryo.

The photo series ‘Dear Sky’ offers an insight to Air Koryo’s aircraft and crew, from the perspective of Mebius as a passenger. He presents a visual diary of a flight experience that includes “variety stage performances of North Korean musical bands, complete with a backdrop of military maneuvers.” As the two destinations that comply with North Korea’s international sanctions and environmental restrictions, the state-owned airline only travels to China and Vladivostok. Mebius captures the Soviet-era planes, their pilots and air hostesses, immaculately prepared and ready to take off despite an absence of passengers. In a statement about the series, Mebius comments, “I was simply struck by the love for flying. My intention was to picture the dedication of the crews I saw there and tell the story of the people and their planes.”

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