Artist Spends His Days On Bridges To Photograph Street Vendors In Vietnam

Vietnam-based photographer Loes Heerink was fascinated by the lives of local street vendors in the country’s capital city of Hanoi. But she was struggling to find the right angle that portrays her subjects in the way she sees them – vibrant and constantly on the move. Surprisingly, the answer to that question was waiting for her on the many bridges of Hanoi.

The photographer took a higher ground to capture the unique routines of hundreds of migrant workers, most of whom are women, who would wake up at 4am every morning and peddle many many miles back and forth with their bikes turned into the moving shops for fruits, flowers and anything of value.

And it was no easy feat: “I once spent five hours in a location with no shots,” Heerink writes on her Kickstarter campaign. “This project started my fascination for the women carrying their goods. They have no clue how beautiful their bicycles are, no idea they create little pieces of art every day.

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