Brooke DiDonato’s Photographic Dreamscape |

Brooke DiDonato’s photographic oeuvre toys with surrealism, exploring human perception through its quietly provocative aesthetic. For our latest collaboration with HUAWEI, we asked Brooke to share her dreamlike perspective of reality with us, shooting with the HUAWEI P10 Plus mobile phone.

Brooke decided she would be an artist at age 5—and from her childhood in Ohio to her present in New York, her career has wound its way around the globe. What began as a passion for photojournalism at 18 has become a career in a surrealist examination of people. Whether a commission for the New Yorker or a portrait of a friend, her work constructs narratives through what is seen, and unseen. Using curiosity as a starting point, Brooke invites her audience to dive into the images with empathy;  Could that arm belong to me? Could that unseen face perhaps be my own?

In the series shot for iGNANT she punctuates muted moments of suburban banality with the human form—disembodied arms find themselves draped across deckchairs, a face blossoms from a garden and chairs gain human extensions. Her visual responses to our open brief prompt questions on reality, probing the intricacies of imagination one image at a time. 

The Huawei P10 Plus device has been co-engineered with camera manufacturer Leica to feature their Dual Camera 2.0 including optical image stabilization and improved low-light performance. More information can be found here.

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