Completedworks’ Ceramic Inspired Jewelry |

Bazhenova-Yamasaki works across spoken word, movement, photography and music — but it was her most recent ceramic work that inspired a collaboration with Anna Jewsbury, the founder of Completedworks. Working together for over seven months, the pair have created a collection that consists of 11 pieces of jewelry and 15 pieces of ceramics. Bazhenova-Yamasaki’s ceramic series is appropriately entitled ‘deflated’: the vases share a softness of form, their shapes akin to slouching, empty leather bladders. Working with this juxtaposition of material and form, the jewelry component of ‘Fold’ mimics the softness of Bazhenova-Yamasaki ’s vases. Drawing upon draped and veiled material in art, the resultant collection of twisted gold and silver earrings, layered hoops, staggered gemstones and their accompanying ceramic sisters make for delightful sensory confusion.

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