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Photographer Gets Hilariously Photoshopped By 100 Pro Photographers

How John Schell unexpectedly became an internet sensation.

Usually, it’s the photographer who does the Photoshopping part, but sometimes tables turn and they get to be the subjects as well. That’s what happened with Pratik Naik, who went out on a photo trip to Venice beach with his buddy photographer John Schell and unexpectedly became an internet sensation.

As Pratik was holding his girlfriend’s belongings while she was posing for John Schell, he struck a dreamy pose, that John just couldn’t let pass immortalized. The photographer snapped a majestic pose of his colleague wearing his girlfriend’s hat and gazing towards the setting sun.

Then John posted the pic on Pratik’s Facebook page so his fellow photographers could take a look as well. And it went absolutely viral among them.

I thought the worst thing that would happen would be everyone asking why I have a Canon strap with a Sony camera! A true photographic sin…

But as true artists do, they rather focused on the whole picture, and to make it even better, they made some adjustments… For a full list head over to the retouchist.

More info: retouchist (h/t: petapixel)

The original

Image source: John Schell

#1 I’m Flying, Jack!


Image source: Toan Thai

#2 All You Need Is Love


Image source: Alaxandra Cameron

#3 Opa Pratik Style


Image source: Duncan Cheng

#4 Never Leave Your Sombrero When Going To A Gun Fight


Image source: Zohar Ralt

#5 Is Nice, Yes?


Image source: Ettore Franceschi

#6 Mona Lisa Is Hiding A Secret


Image source: Jacob Rosenvinge

#7 Fits Perfectly


Image source: Gerry Kingsley

#8 Just Taking Care Of My Family


Image source: Dallas Southcott

#9 Danger Is His Calling


Image source: Jonas Jensen

#10 True Love Never Fades


Image source: Chris Knight

#11 I Double Dare You!


Image source: Duncan Cheng

#12 Frankly My Dear, I Don’t Give A Damn


Image source: Viorella Luciana

#13 Did I Get It?


Image source: Benjamin Jon

#14 Exploring Alternative Career Paths


Image source: Jason Kruppa

#15 What’s The Second Rule Of Fight Club?


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Written by Peter Thompson


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