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Half-Told Stories

Photographer, Daniela Muttini depicts the female body in existential situations.

In her series Personal Projects Peruvian photographer, Daniela Muttini depicts the female body in existential situations. Most of the photos play up the contrast between the beauty of the models, bright colors, or spectacular backgrounds and the cruel stories the pictures are intended to tell: Naked bodies covered in tulle, a huddled woman alone in the desert, a pink gun, pink blood.

The observer looks at sceneries of struggle, agony, and determination. Even though you don’t see real wounds, weapons or violence, nearly every motive makes you cringe. Moreover, the level of abstraction incites the viewers’ fantasy and allows an interpretation of the portrayed moment. What has happened to those bodies? What are the untold stories of those persons?

But Muttini is not willing to give any answers. „I like half told stories; tales with no beginnings or ends, just frozen moments that forge more questions rather than answer anything“, explains Muttini. Instead, she aims at the viewers’ emotions and personal narratives that are provoked by her stunning pictures.


All images © Daniela Muttini

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