Makeup Artist Creates 12 Stunning Looks for Each of the Zodiac Signs


Checking a horoscope is a daily or monthly ritual for many people. To them, their celestial Zodiac sign helps guide, or even dictate, their lives. Paying homage to this powerful, intangible force is Setareh Hosseini, a Toronto-based makeup artist who has created stunning looks inspired by astrology. Her Zodiac makeup interprets each of the 12 signs, which then seemingly transforms her into the different characters. Although she uses some costuming to accompany her handiwork, it’s her expert contouring that’s the star of this series.

Hosseini could have easily gone overboard with her makeup application, but she opted for elegance over extravagance. Using “carefully chosen words,” she plays with the phrases that define the sign and the symbolism that’s gleaned from each description. The Cancer sign, for instance, is represented by a crab. But rather than painting her entire face red, she contoured the sides of her nose a deep scarlet color and painted her lips a similar hue. And in a nod to the crab itself, she wears a set of claws draped over her shoulders. The result looks like something out of a fashion magazine.

After trying Zodiac makeup on herself, Hosseini has started to adorn others with the same gorgeous looks. Follow her popular Instagram to see more of her artful expressions of beauty.

Inspired by astrology, Setareh Hosseini has transformed herself with Zodiac makeup. She elegantly depicts the 12 celestial signs.

Zodiac Makeup by Setareh Hosseini


Zodiac Makeup Looks


Zodiac Makeup by Setareh Hosseini


Zodiac Makeup Looks


Zodiac Makeup by Setareh Hosseini


Astrology Makeup


Zodiac Makeup Looks


Astrology Makeup


Astrology Makeup


Zodiac Makeup Looks


Zodiac Makeup by Setareh Hosseini


Setareh Hosseini: Instagram | Facebook
h/t: [Bored Panda]

All images via Setareh Hosseini.

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