Photo Series Of Invisible People In New York – The Doormen

I had this idea about the invisible people among us, who disappear within the crowds of bustling mega-cities like New York. And then I stumbled upon a perfect illustration of it by the Polish photographer, Sam Golanski, who made an insightful photo series featuring the doormen of New York City.

Sam was fascinated by the idea of how much power these individuals possess and how little we pay attention to them. They take care of us for the whole duration of our stay, they often have access to our personal information and sometimes even our belongings, and yet this photo series will be the first time most of us, when we actually paid attention to them.

These guys are rare trade and you won’t get this job online,” Golanski told Metro. “Some are second generation doormen passed from their fathers.” The whole series had an inherent difficulty, though, that comes with taking photos of the doormen: “It is tricky to photograph them as by law they are should not be standing outside of the buildings, so it took me a while to convince them to be part of this project. I don’t think they have ever been photographed before.

To check out more photo insights about the life in New York City, check out Golanski’s website.

More info: sam golanksi (h/t: mymodernmet)












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