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The restaurant’s semi industrial interior, with its green feature wall and wooden furnishings, is indicative of the confident vision set out by its owners. Chefs William Gleave and Giuseppe Belvedere have designed a menu that defines the ethos of ‘Bright’: an uncomplicated yet refined gastronomic venue. Well-executed dishes that implement meticulous processes such as ageing and fermenting are championed by seasonal ingredients. Dishes are split into small categories with a focus on snacks, pasta, vegetables, fish, and meat. The one-page menu changes week to week; at present, discerning diners can enjoy modern European dishes such as anchovy, butter, and shallots on toast; pollack, a fleshy white fish poached in seaweed butter and shellfish vinaigrette; leeks with brown butter hollandaise, and thin chocolate shards with coriander seeds and sea salt. On the wall, framed art prints add graphic pops of color to the venue, which upon closer inspection, reveal themselves as event posters from previous guest-chef evenings at ‘Bright’. Overall the restaurant encapsulates the same passionate and communal atmosphere of its relative P. Franco; it’s clever and detailed, a restaurant with heart.

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