Dance Film 正念 – NOW Is An Intimate Exploration Of Decay And Rebirth

Choreographed by Gypsy Snider and featuring music by British singer and producer Rosie Lowe, the film captures dancer Li Kehua as she breaks the continuity of her story, of her past and future. Sensually moving amongst the rubble of a previous life, the young woman awakens to the fullness of the present moment—the only place where change can occur and the past can be dissolved.

Carrying the shards of her broken soul, she steps into the now, using the present moment to steer a future that holds the promise of salvation and fulfillment. A reminder that rebirth is a required cyclical process of renewing ourselves, the mesmerizing dance film shows that the past should have no power to stop us from being fully present now.

正念 – NOW is part of the film series ‘Films.Dance’, produced and led by the vision of Los Angeles-based Jacob Jonas The Company, and shot during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. To see the full program, release dates, and trailers, click here.

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