Nakazaki Hair Salon · Osaka, Japan

In Osaka’s charming neighborhood Nakazaki, among many old houses turned into small business, stands an exceptionally small hair salon with modern and minimalist interior.

A one-room space, the Hair Salon is located at the end of a narrow alley that seems to be frozen in time – with old Nagayas (terraced houses), potted plants and laundry drying around, it has a unique atmosphere. Although a very small, the salon includes both the space for cutting hair and a Japanese-style room for styling kimono. The interior floor, finished with the same material as the driveway, creates a continuous concrete surface that connects the interior with the exterior. “I expect this hair salon to have a natural flow between the outside and inside, keeping it open and light to the street, while retaining a comfortable private atmosphere for the guest,” says Shimpei Oda, the architect responsible for the project of the renovation.

All images © Norihito Yamauchi

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