Woven Palm Furnishings Created Through Traditional Mexican Craft

The design series consists of screens by Richoz and lamps by Le Moigne, which were produced using palm-weaving skills taught by craftspeople living in Oaxaca. The traditional practice involves the drying of palm leaves so their fibres can be turned into rope, before they are woven into decorative patterns around wooden frames. As a contemporary twist on the craft, the Swiss design duo also used metal frames to support their weaves. Reflecting on their objects, Richoz comments, “We both decided to do quite large pieces because the technique is quite rough – which is part of the beauty of it. To have large objects, it goes well with the dimensions of the details of the palm.” She also says to have noticed “the way that the people are using craft in a different way than [she knows] from Europe,” explaining that “there’s a very direct relationship between the people that want to buy the furniture and the people who are making it.”

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