Surreal Pencil Drawing Depicts a Skeleton Filled With Flowers and Leaves

Skeleton Drawing by Guno Park

Artist and professor Guno Park is recognized for his expressive, yet comprehensive ballpoint pen drawings of individuals and sights in New York City. In addition to capturing actual-lifetime topics, nevertheless, he also helps make illustrations that explore deep ideas, these as daily life and dying. His 85 x 51.5 inch graphite drawing entitled Mother nature of Factors is one these kinds of piece. It depicts a human skeleton crammed with flourishing plant lifetime.

“Putting the skeleton collectively with vine, leaves, and flowers signifies for me the energy of nature and its inevitability of continuum. I locate comfort and ease in nature,” the artist states. Human skulls are commonly applied in the tradition of memento mori, which serve as reminders in paintings that we will all die 1 day. By filling his skeleton with vegetation, Park contrasts loss of life with new daily life.

Inside of the substantial-scale drawing are dozens of pencil hatch marks. Park employs this shading approach to give his issue depth, adding to its unbelievable realism. “This drawing has been a journey—as quite a few drawings are—that began a little more than a yr ago…I feel our entire planet was reminded of how near demise can be, and I had a continual reminder of it on the information and media,” he proceeds.

You can see a lot more artwork by using Park’s portfolio, and hold up to day with his most recent creations by subsequent the artist on Instagram.

Brooklyn-based artist Guno Park created an outstanding drawing of a human skeleton filled with flowers, vines, and leaves working with only a graphite pencil.

Skeleton Drawing by Guno ParkSkeleton Drawing by Guno ParkSkeleton Drawing by Guno ParkSkeleton Drawing by Guno ParkSkeleton Drawing by Guno ParkSkeleton Drawing by Guno ParkGuno Park: Web page | Instagram

My Modern Satisfied granted authorization to aspect photographs by Guno Park.

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