Anna Carey’s Miniature Rainbow Interiors

Taking inspiration from properties and interiors located on Google maps, Australian artist Anna Carey constructs miniature models of imagined spaces. For her series ‘In Search Of Rainbows’, Carey has created seven architectural studies of the colour spectrum.

Carey works across the media of photography, model-making, film and drawing. By presenting these small sculptural pieces in a photographic format, the artist magnifies the works and reminds the viewer of their architecturally deceptive nature. Blurring the line between real and imagined space also allows Carey to make a statement about memory and nostalgia, enhanced by her styling of the models as dream-like retro rooms. On a closer look at the images, indicators of their illusory creation have been playfully left in the frame, assembled as off-cuts of model-building materials and Pantone colour swatches pinned to the walls like paintings. The pieces, respectively titled ‘Pink Flamingo’, ‘Purple Sage’, ‘Blue Pearl’, ‘Green Paradise’, ‘Yellow Moon’, ‘Orange Sun’ and ‘Red Rose’, will be included in the group exhibition ‘Contemporary Female Photographers’ at Artereal Gallery in Rozelle, Australia during August 2017.

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