Chloe Rosser’s Photographic Eye Reconstructs Bodies Into Genderless Human Sculptures

The work visually explores our complex relationship with our bodies, through presenting distorted perceptions of the human form. “These contorted nudes delicately transform what should be intimately familiar into foreign sculptures,” explains Rosser. In the images, the viewer can see how the subjects interact as they push against and support one another. Photographing bodies whose heads and hands, necks and limbs, are obscured through tricks of contortion and lens angle, Rosser transforms the familiarity of flesh into something new. Spanning from 20 to 70 years of age, her diverse, headless subjects positioned in domestic spaces manage to shed all traces of identity. The selection of works below, shared courtesy of Elizabeth Houston Gallery, show Rosser’s tender gaze that only asks us to question the associations we make between physical traits and the gender binary.

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