Crea Studio Envisages The Chaos Of Our World In Flux Through Bold, Bobbling Digital Art

“For ‘Fuego’, we were asked to abstractly convey the world we live in: chaotic, ever-changing, and most importantly, comprised of many different forces and actors,” explains director of Crea Studio, Bruno Canales, to IGNANT. “Some are bouncier. Some are spikier. And the whole is always more interesting and sophisticated than the sum of its parts.” Canales acknowledges that the metaphor of unpredictability points towards the media and information climate we live in with regards to consumption: “It’s very chaotic,” he cautions. “The funny thing is that no one truly understands it. Formats change at an unprecedented rate, and they’re extremely short lived. There are more players in the arena than ever before, and no one knows what will happen. We are all venturing into the unknown, with anticipation and shrewdness,” he says. The vivid images and dynamic moving footage created by Crea Studio aim to abstractly represent this experience of constant evolution. “The project was an attempt at dissecting the current state of our digital reality,” continues Canales. “We wanted to emphasize the interaction between multiple entities to show their different characteristics, and that together they would create a whole that is larger—or more confusing and complex—than the sum of its parts.”

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