This Motion Film Of A Morphing Black Structure Will Soothe Your ASMR Needs

Zhestkov’s work blends digital graphics, art, and design, developing new forms of moving shapes and images that are often placed in fictional but recognizable spaces, such as gallery rooms. We have previously featured Zhestkov’s mesmerizing video art; his film ‘Volumes’ showed the rhythmic movement of billions of colored particles. In ‘Layers’, a computer-generated black monolith is dissected by an invisible, three-dimensional force that reveals the core inside: layers of vibrant colors in blues, reds, yellows and purples. “At the intersections of the shapes, we encounter complex structures which could be perceived as 3D representations of objects within a 4D universe”, Zhestkov explained to IGNANT. The animation is the next installment of Zhestkov’s ongoing series, which explore digital sculptures within motion graphics.

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