Famous “Nirvana Baby” Recreates His Iconic Album Cover 25 Years Later as an Adult

The album cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind might be as iconic as its music. A grunge-era classic, it features a tranquil image of a naked baby boy floating in a swimming pool as he moves towards a dollar bill hooked on a string. The striking image is one you likely remember, or at the very least recognize, as many other music lovers have—this cover, shot by photographer John Chapple, ranked 3rd in Rolling Stone’s Readers Poll of The Best Album Covers of All Time.

Nevermind was released in 1991, so it’s natural to wonder what has happened to the bobbing baby boy since that time. Well, ponder no more—25 years later, this now-grown man named Spencer Elden has recreated the famous photo with the help of Chapple. Although he wears a swimsuit now—and has a tattoo that fittingly says “Nevermind”—Elden strikes the similar pose from so long ago. Even the $200 payment was the same—except now, instead of it going to his parents, Elden got to keep it all for himself.

Here’s the original cover from 1991:

And here’s how he’s grown up, with tattoos and beard stubble:

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