10+ Powerful Photos Of Women Doing “Men’s Work” That Will Make You Rethink Gender Stereotypes

How many times have you heard the old expression, “this is a man’s job”? We’re pretty tired of it, and fortunately, so is California photographer Chris Crisman. With his latest portfolio, Women’s Work, he’s documenting the women who do those ‘men’s jobs’ with pride, and he’s breaking down gender stereotypes in the process.

The story of Women’s Work starts in early 2016 when Crisman heard from an art producer that a friend of hers had become a butcher, and realized that he had never actually met a female butcher. After meeting and photographing the woman, Heather Marold Thomason, Crisman was inspired to find other women taking on traditionally male-dominated professions. From farmers to firefighters, to lobster fishers, he was able to locate and capture dozens of inspiring women from across the nation, and finally rolled out the project in October 2016.

Though Women’s Work is now ‘out there,’ Crisman insists that it’s a work-in-progress. “There are so many people that we would still love to include in the project, but we’ll get there. I believe that Women’s Work is the type of project where the purpose does not have an expiration date,” he told APE in a November interview. The Penn Valley-based photographer is the father of 2 young children, including a daughter, whom he encourages to dream without limits and pursue her passions, even if others see them as unconventional.

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#1 Mindy Gabriel, Firefighter In Upper Arlington, Ohio

#2 Sadie Samuels, Lobster Fisher In Rockport, Maine

#3 Leeann Johnson, Haul Truck Driver At Round Mountain Gold Mine In Round Mountain, Nevada

#4 Heather Marold Thomason, Butcher And Owner Of Primal Supply Meats In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

#5 Alison Goldblum, Property Developer In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

#6 Christina Burris, Brewer And Operations Manager Of St. Benjamin’s Brewing In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

#7 Mira Nakashima, Designer And Woodworker At George Nakashima Woodworking In New Hope, Pennsylvania

#8 Judy Bowman, Process Operator, Round Mountain Gold Mine, Round Mountain, NV

#9 Women Doing ‘Men’s Work’

#10 Beth Beverly, Taxidermist In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

#11 Jordan Ainsworth, Mill Operator At Round Mountain Gold Mine In Round Mountain, Nevada

#12 Nancy Poli, Pig Farmer At Stryker Farms In Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania

#13 Carol Warn, Leach Pad Operator At Marigold Mining Company In Valmy, Nevada

#14 Kris Alvarez, Senior Geologist At Round Mountain Gold Mine In Nevada

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