10+ Siblings Photos From Childhood Hilariously Recreated Years Later

Ahhh, growing up with your sibling. We bet you have stacks of photo albums documenting your best childhood adventures, awkward and staged studio photoshoots, silly antics, and stupid face expressions. Well, the good news is that recreating pictures from times when you were still a kid is a trend now.

It makes for a perfect nostalgic gift for your loved ones, allows you to behave like a child again (if only for a little while), and, of course, it lets you and your sibling have a good giggle. Below is the list of the funniest and most creative photo recreations to get you inspired.

Do you have a similar childhood photo recreation with your sibling? Well then share it in the comments!

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#1 Then And Now

Image source: Tumblr

#2 Made My Mom Laugh More Than I’ve Ever Seen (18 Years Later Re-Creation)

Image source: Claybotron

#3 Showering Siblings

Image source: woodyj

#4 For Our Father’s Birthday, We Tried To Take The Same Picture 20 Years Later. We Grew Up A Bit

Image source: pbugnot

#5 A Childhood Recreation Pic Of Me, My Brother And Two Cousins

Image source: PacificFrim

#6 We Did That Thing

Image source: bonebowl

#7 Brother And Sister, Then And Now…

Image source: sparta6

#8 Then And Now

Image source: Imgur

#9 It’s Unexplainable How Much Effort And Commitment Went Into This Photo Remake Of Me And Brother

Image source: tyrol13

#10 Then And Now

Image source: Imgur

#11 We Did That Thing

Image source: bonebowl

#12 11 Years Later: Burger King Still Sucks And My Only Friends Are Fucking Weird

Image source: ScootaBoy93

#13 We Did That Thing

Image source: bonebowl

#14 So This Happened

Image source: superrk8e

#15 Brother And Sister Still Love Playing In The Sand

Image source: unknown.

#16 After A Blip In The 1970s, At Least Our Style Sense Improved

Image source: Robert Black

#17 Then And Now

Image source: Imgur

#18 20+ Years Later We Are Still A Bunch Of Dirty Boys

Image source: MisterOn

#19 10 Years Apart

Image source: DirtyDrummer

#20 20 Years Later

Image source: Dan Edwards

#21 Before And After

Image source: unknown.

#22 We Did That Thing

Image source: bonebowl

#23 Because Even 8 Years Later… We’re Still The Same

Image source: Ryen Stone

#24 19 Years Later

Image source: walkertexasranger06

#25 16 Years Later

Image source: ahmedillo

#26 Then And Now

Image source: SomeChickOnImgurWhoLovesBacon

#27 We Did That Thing

Image source: bonebowl

#28 Old Family Photos: Fall Leaves Edition

Image source: Hayley GF

#29 Re-took This Picture On Nye With My Little Brother And His Dog, 11 Years Later

Image source: Imgur

#30 Because We’re Dorks. And Little Brother Is Not So Little Anymore

Image source: Emma Brandt

#31 Recreation Photo Of Brothers

Image source: Zack Lewis

#32 For My Mum’s Birthday, My Brother And I Recreated Our Childhood Photo As Fully Grown Adults

Image source: ThatsGoldJerry_Gold

#33 We Took The Same Christmas Photo 18 Years Later! I’m The Lamb

Image source: WheatSheepOre

#34 Halloween 16 Years Later

Image source: iNeverQuiteWas

#35 My Brother And I, 15 Years Apart

Image source: Uerwol

#36 My Brother And I Did A “then-and-now” For Mother’s Day. Our Old House In New Orleans, 1986 And 2011

Image source: temporarynovelty

#37 Then And Now

Image source: greatballsofwonder

#38 Then And Now

Image source: Maine Mendoza

#39 4 Siblings – 1988 Vs 2015

Image source: Imgur

#40 Still Such Good Helpers

Image source: jlwatts99

#41 Then And Now

Image source: RUSirius7

#42 Siblings

Image source: sarah

#43 We Did Photo Recreations For My Mom

Image source: Maddy Rox

#44 Cousins

Image source: Deepalakshmi Babu Venkateswaran

#45 Then And Now

Image source: Marisa

#46 21 Years On And Here We Are Again! Still Loyal Broncos Fans!

Image source: unknown.

#47 Me And My Little Brother 1999 And 2014 On My 18th Birthday

Image source: PowdersvilleBeast

#48 My Sibling Is Better Than Yours Because He Didn’t Even Complain When I Dressed And Posed Him For This Family Photo Re-creation

Image source: Jenny Villone

#49 Ages 1 And 3 Vs 28 And 30

Image source: TheTinyDino

#50 This Is How Brothers Bond

Image source: raphaelsanchez__

#51 Thanksgiving Then And Now

Image source: cantifly

#52 Then And Now

Image source: unknown.

#53 Then And Now

Image source: Imgur

#54 Me And My Brothers All Grown Up (18 Years Apart)

Image source: thebouman3

#55 The Holidays Are For Recreating

Image source: Jessica Hoffmann

#56 2001 to 2016

Image source: Rachel Kinanahan

#57 Family Group Shot

Image source: Emma Wallström

#58 When Your Sister And You Recreate A Picture For Your Parents Anniversary

Image source: Joolie Boolie

#59 Recreation Of The Christmas Photo

Image source: S A I N T S H A N E

#60 Family Portrait Then And Now After 18 Years

Image source: Imgur

#61 Sisters, Then And Now (1)

Image source: 

#62 Some Things Never Change

Image source: Maryam Majed

#63 This Photo Recreation We Tried A Couple Of Months Ago When My Not So Little Anymore Brother Was In Town

Image source: divi_swarup

#64 So The Only Thing That’s Changed In 16 Years Is The Expression On Dad’s Face

Image source: Sarah Jozwia

#65 Our Mother’s Day Present To Madre

Image source: Ozay K Booth

#66 Yup. 19 Years Later And Not Much Has Changed

Image source: Emily Mae

#67 Then And Now

Image source: Kelly Blaze Klotz

#68 The Brothers Ruppert 1990/2016

Image source: Jacob Ruppert

#69 Bed Time Stories

Image source: Maddy Rox

#70 Then And Now

Image source: Imgur

#71 Christmas Has Changed A Lot In 20 Years

Image source: Watson Works Edu

#72 Iranian Bros, 45 Years Later

Image source: 

#73 20 Years Later

Image source: 

#74 Our Family

Image source: Tarlia

#75 1997 – 2017

Image source: 

#76 Sisters, Then And Now (2)

Image source: 

#77 My Sisters And I: Then And Now

Image source: Imgur

#78 Disney Memories

Image source: CourtneyCheek

#79 Then And Now

Image source: unknown.

#80 Slinky Disaster

Image source: 

#81 My Brother And Me, 2002-2016

Image source: Imgur

#82 My Siblings And I Recreated One Of Our Old Pictures

Image source: Imgur

#83 Amazing Facepaint

Image source: Imgur

#84 Photo Recreation

Image source: bamanurse

#85 Eating Bananas Then And Now

Image source: vividlyaverage

#86 Three Sisters And Their Girls 16 Years Apart

Image source: 

#87 Sisters Photo Recreation

Image source: auramcginley6

#88 Then And Now

Image source: pepperminttwist

#89 Recreated Our First Christmas

Image source: Rebecca

#90 When Your Brother Finally Gives You Your Toy Car That He Popped 23 Years Later

Image source: JAY DEE SUE

#91 40th Birthday Photo Recreation For Dads 60th! What A Difference 20 Years Make

Image source: J Jacobi

#92 1999 Vs 2016

Image source: lisa_aquarius

#93 My 2 Sisters, My Niece, 2 Cousins And Myself, 17 Years Apart

Image source: 

#94 Then And Now

Image source: Sarah Keeney

#95 Same Girls Just 11 Years On

Image source: cheepinchen

#96 First Time In Singapore/last Time In Singapore

Image source: 

#97 #oldies

Image source: 

#98 My Family Then And Now

Image source: defsteph1976

#99 Brotherly Love

Image source: topherthagawd

#100 1999 Vs 2017

Image source: 

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