10+ Simple Yet Brilliant Camera Hacks That Will Improve Your Photos In 3 Minutes

Many of us have been stopped before we could get into photography by the price tags that accompany all the gear that’s supposedly needed to take good photos. But that’s not really the case, as these examples of ingenious workarounds will show you.

Compiled by Bored Panda, this list covers various DIY techniques that can save you quite a bit on the gear while also keep your creative muscles busy. From lighting up the room with a plastic bag instead of a professional flash to the incredible bokeh background made with simple tin foil, these will make fine additions to your arsenal while keeping your bank account intact.

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#1 Use Tinfoil To Create A Wall Of Bokeh

Image source: COOPH

#2 Use A Sifter For A Genius Shadow Hack

#3 Use A Plastic Bag For A Softbox Effect

Image source: Sheldon Evans

#4 Use A Fishtank To Get That Underwater Shot

Image source: COOPH

#5 Use A Piece Of Cloth And A Cardboard To Create A Portable And Inexpensive Seamless Background System

Image source: Taylor Mathis

#6 Remove Tourists From Your Pictures Using These Simple Steps

Image source: windsywinds

#7 Instant Fake Macro Bokeh

Image source: Sheldon Evans

#8 Get That Perfect Top-Down Photo For Your Instagram

Image source: happygreylucky

#9 Use A Towel As Video Slider

Image source: Sheldon Evans

#10 Cut Out Your Own Bokeh Shapes

Image source: howaboutorange

#11 Use A CD To Create Lens Flares

Image source: Sheldon Evans

#12 Manipulate Visual Perception Using Forced Perspectives

Image source: COOPH

#13 Add Steam With Regular Appliances

Image source: nicolesyblog

#14 Use A Sandwich Bag To Create Hazy Photos

Image source:  Jesse David McGrady

#15 Use A Plastic Bag Smeared With Vaseline For A Soft-Focus Lens Effect

Image source: freepeople

#16 Use Your Sunglasses As A Filter

Image source: COOPH

#17 Don’t Be Afraid To Add Lights With Regular Bulbs

Image source: FriendOFGay

#18 Create A Different Self Portrait Using Lace

Image source: Maddie Lullaby

#19 Use A Hair Dryer To Get A Stand Out Selfie

Image source: Clicknetwork

#20 Create A Sparkling Ring Of Fire

Image source: COOPH

#21 Cut Out A Heart Shape In A Cardboard For A Heart-Shaped Bokeh

Image source: globetrotterdiaries

#22 Use A Short Triangular Prism To Reflect Background

Image source: Mathieu Stern

#23 Easy Macro Lens Hack

Image source: COOPH

#24 Use White Sheet As A Reflector Reflector

Image source: 5-Minute Crafts

#25 Use Windows For A Softening Effect

Image source: Jessica Kobeissi

#26 Create A Softbox Using A Shower Curtain

Image source: COOPH

#27 Use A Coffee Hood As Lens Cap

Image source: Peter McKinnon

#28 Colorful Filter

Image source: Olivier Schmitt

#29 Create An Arty Filter With Colored Plastic Bags

Image source: COOPH

#30 Reduce Camera Shake With A Bag Of Lentils

Image source:

#31 Create Your Own Color Lens Filters

Image source: my23skidoo

#32 You Only Need A Few Simple Items To Capture Highspeed Drops

Image source: COOPH

#33 Cut Different Shapes In A Cardboard For A Window Shadow

Image source: Learn photo editing

#34 Blank CD Case Is The Perfect Rain Guard For Your Lens

Image source:

#35 Create A Camera Filter For Funky And Colorful Photos

Image source:

#36 Get A Black Tile For Product Photography

Image source: COOPH

#37 Lightpainted Background

Image source: COOPH

#38 Use Plasctic Props To Create ‘Wildlife Photography’ At Home

Image source: Satyajit Sardar

#39 Mimic Film Burn With A Matchstick

Image source: Sheldon Evans

#40 Use Cloth To Achieve The Soft-Focus Lens Effect

Image source: freepeople

#41 Use Glasses To Add ‘Filters’

Image source: Wolfeye

#42 Use Torches To Add Lens Flare

Image source: Peter McKinnon

#43 Lighting Trick

Image source: Jwalt Photography

#44 Add Vaseline To Create Vignette

Image source: COOPH

#45 Make A Cool Camera Filter Using An Embroidery Hoop And Thread

Image source: craftedincarhartt

#46 Use A Mirror To Reflect Light

Image source: COOPH

#47 Turn Your Smartphone Into A Pinhole Using Cardboard

Image source: COOPH

#48 Build Custom Pinhole Photography Kits

Image source: COOPH

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