1413 House By Harquitectes Mimics A Stone Wall

Recycled stone and glass form the walls of the ‘1413 House’ in Spain, designed by award-winning Spanish architecture firm Harquitectes.

‘1413 House’ is located in Ullastret, a small historic village in Spanish Catalonia. The design team sought to honor the original site which was characterized by a stone walled fence. To do this they recontextualized the wall, creating a home that mimics the fence. ‘1413 House’ is a one storey home that wraps around its garden, creating a border between the street and the private land. The firm hoped that in redesigning the original fence, the house would be an example of architecture creating an honest response to its surroundings. Using stone and glass from the original fence and mixing it with limestone and cement, Harquitectes remade the wall, effectively re-establishing the geometry of the street. The street facing side of the house was left chipped to show the stone while the interior side was completed with a formwork finish. The thickness of the walls vary — becoming thicker where private areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms have been placed, and thinning out where it borders communal spaces.

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