16 Drone Portraits Of People Stuck In Quarantine By Lithuanian Photographer Adas Vasiliauskas

Like many other professions, photographers were also affected by the quarantine – no human contact means no photoshoots. However, one Lithuanian photographer came up with a creative way of taking people’s portraits without actually coming into contact with them. The photographer in question, Adas Vasiliauskas, used a drone to take pictures of people stuck in quarantine and proved that being forced to stay at home isn’t as boring as it may sound.

“When Lithuania went under quarantine, all my photography jobs in advertising were canceled, events postponed or canceled, and I was sitting without any job and thinking, “what the heck is going on and how can I solve this puzzle?”” said Adas in an interview with Bored Panda. He knew that he needed to photograph something interesting but social distancing made it hard to do.

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That’s when the photographer had a stroke of genius. “At first, I thought of offering to shoot people with a telephoto lens, but then I remembered I use a drone in my wedding photography and the drone is a totally zero-human-contact way to capture things. I shot a few of my friends, the photos gained a lot of likes, and the project took off.”



Adas said he started the project to “give people a chance to brighten their day in this negative corona information environment.” He believes the photos will remind people that being stuck in quarantine can be fun too. “And, of course, to remind everybody that you need to keep your social distance during these times,” added the photographer.



The photographer also wants to add that all of the photos were taken with consent and that he has permission from the people in the photos to share their images.











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