30 Stunning Winners Of The 2023 Monochrome Photography Awards


The results for the 2023 Monochrome Photography Awards are now unveiled! This time around, Érico Hiller claimed the prestigious title of Monochrome Photographer of the Year with his compelling photograph featuring Geeta, a survivor of an acid attack.

The Monochrome Photography Awards is an international competition dedicated to the celebration of black and white photography. It acknowledges and commends photographers who showcase exceptional skills and creativity in the realm of monochromatic imagery. Take a moment to scroll through and appreciate the winning images across various categories, including Abstract, Architecture, Conceptual, Fashion/Beauty, Fine Art, Landscapes, Nature, Nude, Photojournalism, Photomanipulation, Portrait, Street, and Wildlife.

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#1 1st Place In The Wildlife Category: “Our Kingdom” By James Lewin, Kenya

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“Lions have been momentous symbols to humankind for thousands of years. Their bravery, strength, courage, loyalty, and close family bonds have inspired millions of people in their day-to-day lives. My aim in Ndutu this year was to create a group portrait that would resonate with and connect us to this most iconic mammal and highlight their noble qualities.

For a worthy portrait to materialise, I needed the subject, location, composition, light, background, and sky to come together simultaneously, which, of course, is totally out of my control. These few and far-between split seconds have become what I search long and hard for. There is simply no better feeling than when it all pays off.

I am especially drawn to how the proud noble gaze of the lion represents the stability and leadership that dominant males bring to a pride and how the intent stare of the lioness reminds us of their loyalty to the pride and powerful hunting capabilities. It brings a subtle balance to the frame, highlighting the inspiring qualities of such a famous and highly regarded species.”

#2 2nd Place In The Nature Category: “The Leader” By Xavier Ortega, Spain

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“Camargue horses running through the marsh.”

#3 1st Place In The Architecture Category: “Future Past” By Mario Tarantino, Spain

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“This photo was taken at the Taal Monument located in Paarl, South Africa. The brutalist architecture of the monument is typical of the 70’s. The monument commemorates Afrikaans being declared an official language of South Africa separate from Dutch.

The silhouetted person (who is my father) is demonstrating scale, creating a mood and story as well as contributing to making the image surreal.

In both the composition and post processing of the image I wished to convey an outer worldly feel. A place of importance, a central meeting point or perhaps a place of worship. In searching to further develop surreality, the processing of the images has been done in black and white.”

#4 3rd Place In The Nature Category: “Love Language” By Fenqiang Liu, United States

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“On a serene spring morning in Central Florida in 2020, a majestic Great Egret gracefully returned to its nest, where its young baby egret had patiently waited. I was privileged to observe and document the profound and tender bond between parents and offspring through my camera lens.”

#5 3rd Place In The Wildlife Category: “Baby Back” By Baiju Patil, India

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“This photo was taken at Daruji National Park Karnataka India. This photo was taken while the mother was walking down the rock, but the cub was not ready to get off her back. When she was coming down, she literally cried like a baby and quickly climbed onto her mother’s back.”

#6 1st Place In The Street Category: “Snowfall” By Beata Zawrzel, Poland

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“A boy plays in the snow after sudden and intense snowfall following rather mild first month of winter. Kraków, Poland on February 3, 2023.”

#7 Monochrome Discovery Of The Year 2023: “My Kingdom” By Simon Biddie, United Kingdom

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“Male California sea lions are distinct from female sea lions; they are larger in size, have thick necks and possess a protruding, grey sagittal crest. During mating season the dominant males become territorial and protect their harem, which can be up to 30 females. This male bursts through a shoal of sardines, with his harem seen behind him. At Los Islotes, in the Espiritu Santo National Park, Mexico, the California sea lion has been protected under Mexican law since 1994. As part of the Islas del Golfo de California Flora and Fauna Protection Area (APFF-IGC), the area is a no-take zone enforced by La Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas (CONANP), which positively impacts predators’ food sources such as sardine shoals. Espiritu Santo Island is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2005 and was declared a National Marine Park in 2007. Thanks to these efforts, the sea lion colony at Los Islotes has expanded and is estimated at 400 – 800 individuals, making it now one of the most stable colonies in the area. While restricting direct human activity has hugely benefited the California sea lion population in Espiritu Santo.”

#8 1st Place In The Nude Category: “Monolith” By Lukasz Spychala, Poland

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“Man seems to us to be a stable, uniform whole, hard as a rock, just like the title monolith. We forget, however, that, like rocks, we are often formed by erosion. We can get used to bad experiences, accept that they have become an inseparable part of ourselves and turn them into a strong side of our personality.”

#9 2nd Place In The Street Category: “Bubble Fun” By Tebani Slade, Spain

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“I came across this bubble thrower on my walk home one afternoon. For the small change they make from donations, they bring so much joy to children who jump and dance to pop the bubbles as they float into the air. It’s a magical feeling.”

#10 2nd Place In The Wildlife Category: “Untitled” By Andre Estevez, United States

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“I shot this humpback whale lunge feeding in Monterey bay, California the humpback lunge fed way to close from the boat and I was only able to get close details of the mouth.”

#11 3rd Place In The Photojournalism Category: “Rapa Das Bestas” By Hans-Maximo Musielik, Mexico

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“The entire body of work was taken along 4-5 months between April and August of 2022 in different parts of the Val Miñor region in Galicia, Spain. This photo in particular was taken at the Torroña “curro” in Pontevedra on June 5th, 2022. The “Rapa das Bestas” or “shaving of the beasts” is a Galician tradition that takes place every summer on different dates and places mostly along the Galician southern rural mountainous areas. Basically the horses are rounded up and locals in a comunal effort, drive them to the “curros” which are mostly stonewalled rodeo-like structures, where their manes and tails are shaved, dewormed and mandatory microchips are implanted on the newly born foals. After all these processes they are let go to roam freely for another full year. I wanted to document the entire process in different locations where different catching technics were applied. The picture shows just a part of “curro” where horses have been rounded up. For obvious reasons I immediately identified the white horse from the rest of the herd and snapped a couple of pictures.”

#12 1st Place In The Nature Category: “Winter Story” By Bin Zhang, China

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“This is Inner Mongolia, China. The filming location is located in Ulan Butong Grassland. A horse stands in the early morning snowstorm, waiting for its owner.”

#13 Monochrome Photographer Of The Year 2023 And 1st Place In The Portrait Category: “An Acid Attack Survivor (Portrait At The Taj Mahal)” By Érico Hiller , Brazil

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“An Acid Attack Survivor (Portrait at the Taj Mahal). In my work for my new book about women, I was in Agra, India, and I was able to meet countless women like Geeta, in the photo, who posed for me, a timeless and disturbing portrait, which shows a trace of the violence and intolerance of our time.”

#14 2nd Place In The Landscapes Category: “Mt.fuji” By Kantapat Phutthamkul, Thailand

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“I took this photo during my trip in Japan. Mountain Fuji is the most iconic here.”

#15 2nd Place In The Conceptual Category: “Horror Movies Story” By Hardi Budi, Indonesia

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“Have you ever seen a horror movie? What’s your reaction when you watch a scary scene? This picture series is a Metaphor, tells about how people reacts when they watching a Horror Movie. The photoshoot was taken in an old theatre in Jakarta.”

#16 1st Place In The Conceptual Category: “Jesters Gender Game” By Austn Fischer, United Kingdom

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“Jesters Gender Game, a celebration of historical queer artists’ fearless exploration of gender performance. This photographic project draws inspiration from visionaries like Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, who challenged gender norms through provocative self-portraits. This project embodies the concept of “gender performance” by Judith Butler, illuminating the idea that gender is a socially constructed performance shaped by cultural expectations.

Through a vibrant tapestry of clothing, makeup, and body language, participants in Jesters Gender Game craft intricate narratives of identity and liberation. The photographs playfully reveal how clothing influences societal perceptions, determining individual personas. It encourages viewers to reflect on their assumptions and embrace the richness of human expression.

A fusion of history, gender theories, and humor, “Jesters Gender Game” invites us to celebrate the beauty of diversity and embrace our authentic selves.”

#17 1st Place In The Photomanipulation Category: “Yin” By Bella Von Einsiedel, Germany

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“Part of my series ‘YIN & YANG’.

A series that shows the connection between human beings, nature and the balance of the universe. The bright side and the dark side of life, which belong together and therefore cannot be viewed separately. What would Yin be without Yang? Would we appreciate the light without knowing the darkness? It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

#18 2nd Place In The Portrait Category: “Back To You” By Giandomenico Veneziani, Italy

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“I’m on a mission.
My world is dying, everything around me loses life force.
Everything fades away and the battle for survival is turning into hatred and pain.
I travel in search of a solution. I have no destination, there is no point of arrival. I move around trying to capture the essence of rebirth.
There is a gap in front of me, I think it’s a door: through it… suddenly a wave submerges me. I am about to drown and I know that I have to swim hard to emerge from these strange and rushing waters. I close my eyes and when I open them again I find myself floating on a body of water.
I don’t know where I am, this new world is different from mine.
I’m tired, but with the little strength I have left I try to emerge from this sea. I think my journey cannot end with a surrender. My only purpose is to be able to save my fellow men, my mind is pervaded only by this goal.
I wander through unknown and hostile lands. The heat suffocates me and that big star on the horizon burns my skin. I’m about to give up. My appearance has changed, my shape is no longer the same. I know it’s still me, even if I have a hard time recognizing myself.
At one point, bordering on desperation, I notice something: a light calls me insistently, it scares me, but at the same time it fascinates me.
Slowly I approach.
The voice of the light becomes more and more intense. My body shakes.
Here she is!
That light takes possession of me, it enters by tearing my skin. No pain. I can perceive serenity and harmony. My body has new energy. It pervades me, it flows.”

#19 1st Place In The Photojournalism Category: “Mud Ball Wrestling” By Nguyen Dang Giang, Vietnam

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“Mud ball wrestling.”

#20 1st Place In The Landscapes Category: “Dust-Laden Hooves: Saga Of The Volcanic Riders” By Mahendra Bakle, India

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“The Tenggerese people, known as ‘The Horsemen of Bromo’ in Indonesia, embody a captivating cultural legacy in the stunning landscape surrounding Mount Bromo. Their vibrant customs and role as horseback guides create an immersive experience for visitors exploring the volcanic terrains. These horsemen, with their traditional attire and deep-rooted rituals, offer travelers not just a ride but an encounter with the rich heritage of the region.”

#21 3rd Place In The Fashion/Beauty Category: “A Girl With Tin Foil” By Xiayu(Renee) Li, United States

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“I was inspired to create a captivating photo series featuring a beautiful girl adorned with tin foil, as I found the combination to be intriguing. To enhance the dramatic effect, I crafted tin foil decorations specifically for the girl, transforming her appearance into a mesmerizing and striking portrayal.”

#22 1st Place In The Fine Art Category: “We Are Part Of Nature” By Markéta Novak Leupoldová, Czech Republic

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“Sometimes we tend to forget that we are an integral part of nature.

In my photographs, I create compositions where I blend man with nature. This creates a unified image where man and nature merge into one motif.
With this work I strengthen the current theme of man and nature.”

#23 3rd Place In The Abstract Category: “Oyster Mushroom 6” By Dale M Reid, Canada

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“Initially, the oyster mushroom captured my imagination and I have since added other wild varieties as subject material. My creative vision uses their bizarre and varied shape, alien textures, and intricate detail combined with composition and lighting to present crisp images with a dose of abstraction. Abstraction makes them unique and opens them to multiple interpretations depending on the viewer’s imagination to use their personal memories and life experiences to build content.”

#24 3rd Place In The Architecture Category: “Nabatea” By Nigel Malone, Australia

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“The name of this image comes from the Nabateans – an ancient culture you might be more familiar with for their Architecture sculpted in stone at Petra in Jordan. They also travelled to what is now the remote deserts of Arabia, where this photograph was taken. For this image shot on film, I used a vintage rangefinder camera. I wanted a similar feel as the historic black and white images from the time of the discovery of the great pyramids, the time of Howard Carter – that can only come from vintage lenses.”

#25 2nd Place In The Fashion/Beauty Category: “Miss Mod” By Chelsea Marrin, United States

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

#26 3rd Place In The Nude Category: “Sunday Morning In Paris” By Julien Sunye, Netherlands

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“Paris, France, 2021.”

#27 3rd Place In The Landscapes Category: “Aphairesi – Study 14” By René Algesheimer, Switzerland

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“The Greek word for abstraction is αφαίρεση (aphairesi), which means “removal” or “withdrawal”. This term is often used in the context of philosophy to refer to the process of abstracting or separating an idea or concept from its concrete or sensory representations. In art, abstraction can also refer to the process of reducing a form or image to its essential geometric or formal elements, which can then be rearranged and recombined to create a new visual language.

The project follows Clement Greenberg’s idea of abstract expressionism. As a mathematician, through this project, I hope to challenge viewers to see the world in a new way, to appreciate the beauty and complexity of geometric forms, and to consider the ways in which the language of geometry can be used to express a wide range of emotions and experiences.

Death Valley, 2020”

#28 2nd Place In The Fine Art Category: “Peace” By Małgorzata Fober, Poland

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“The photograph “Peace” was created for the needs of the author’s calendar entitled “Everything in our hands”. This is one of the 13 photographs that make up the series of photographs depicting animals rescued by me. Each animal is shown in the company of human hands, people, people who visited my home at that time.”

#29 1st Place In The Abstract Category: “Poetry Of Silence Xxvi-7” By Roland Blum, Liechtenstein

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“Poetry of Silence is an ongoing body of aerial desert photography created in the Namib Desert. This photograph was created in the southern Namib near the rugged Atlantic coast, where these constantly changing abstract patterns and structures are being shaped by the elements.

The picture was taken from about 1500 meters over the ground flying with a helicopter.”

#30 2nd Place In The Abstract Category: “White Lava” By Hilda Champion, United States

Image source: Monochrome Photography Awards

“Flower submersed in water and milk.”

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