A 3D Printed Vase Collection By Bold

Located in Miami, Aybar Gallery showcases high-end, limited edition design objects. A recent addition to their space is the Poilu vase, created by studio Bold.

Aybar Gallery is a conceptual space working to enhance the possibilities of creative collaboration between designer and gallery, celebrating innovative and museum-quality design. These values are embodied in the Poilu vase collection by Bold, which has been constructed through 3D printing and stands for both organic design and concept. The studio’s design duo William Boujon and Julien Benayoun have printed three editions of the vase entitled ‘Blond’, ‘Brun’ and ‘Roux’, conceptualising their use of the respective vegetable-based material fibers–wood, coconut and bamboo. The exterior of the Poilu vase has been created to imitate a coat of looped ‘hair’, with the designers composing a special code inspired by a natural logic. By merging mathematics with elements of nature, Bold present an innovative conceptual approach to user-centric contemporary design.

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