A Blissful, French Stillness By Photographer Antoine Henault

The photography of French artist Antoine Henault portrays moments of just being. His recent body of work brims with sensibility and lightness.

Based in the hilly region of Brittany, in north-west France, Henault, (who we featured some time ago on iGNANT), takes relaxed photo moments to poetic new heights. Be it still life, personal documentary or commissioned editorials, Henault delicately captures the nature of summer moments—the ones that are happily unburdened. The artist’s photographs have a cinematic, grainy and almost hedonistic quality to them that is so often indicative of French culture. His images are bright and vivacious: zesty oranges cast against royal blue carpet; a topless, shadowed man relaxing against crumpled bed sheets; prickly green cacti draped in afternoon sun, and windswept linen drying amongst backyard blossom trees, hung up by a barefooted pair.

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