A Home On The Mountain Plateau Of Tschengla

The ‘House in Tschengla looks out over a small village and across the mountains of Austria. Designed by Innauer-Matt Architekten, the home was built to provide a place of calm away from the chaos of the city.

This wooden holiday home on the mountain plateau of Tschengla was built for a family who lives just thirty minutes away, in the Austrian town of Feldkirch. The remote nature of the location helped determine its design: the simple but well structured wooden building sits on a solid plinth, its form making obvious reference to Alpine farmhouses of old. At the heart of the home is a large open plan living area that features a long table running parallel to a panoramic window. A stairwell leads to the attic level: fit with bedrooms, a workplace, a small living area and a library. Windows throughout the structure cast views across the small town below and to the mountains that lay both behind and beyond the home.

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