A House In Four Volumes Overlooks The South Pacific Ocean


On the northern edge of the city of Lima, local architecture studio Barclay and Crousse has designed a ‘Casa C3’, a home by the ocean that shares a tonal affinity with the Peruvian desert.

Conceived as a “soil extrusion”, rather than as an object in the landscape, ‘Casa C3’ has been constructed using materials that correlate with those from the surrounding environment. Built into the red-rock cliff top, the layout of the poured concrete home has been determined by the natural topography of the site. Split across four separate volumes staggered at different heights, the home’s interior is divided by function. The first volume sits at street level, and houses the garage and entrance. The main volume sits below this, its large open-plan space featuring floor to ceiling glazed windows that can be drawn back to allow for uninhibited ocean views from both sides of the lounge. The third and fourth volumes house the bedrooms—the lowest of the pair holds the master bedroom, whose terrace leads to the infinity pool.


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