A House Of Platforms Overlooking Nojiri-Ko Lake

Tokyo-based architecture practice Sugawaradaisuke has reimagined a traditional chalet with a floor plan that is comprised of multiple levels. This holiday home is called ‘Nature Platforms’, and stands overlooking the Nojiri-Ko Lake in Japan.

The multi-level structure offers viewing platforms that are outside, inside, and in a hybrid-middle space that is neither out nor in. The top floor cantilevers over one of these in-between spaces: a semi-indoor room that is used as a protected garden-space during the cooler winter months. Off this ground floor space is the second platform which acts as a porch and houses a swing with views of the lake. The third level is the living space; surrounded by windows, this storey merges into the fourth level, which functions as both the lounge-room’s floor and as a dining table. The fourth level stretches out to encompass the lounge and dining area, fit with log fire. From here, levels extend towards the top of the building, housing a double bedroom and a bunk room of sorts that is positioned under the eaves on the highest platform.

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