A Journey To Russia #inspiredby Heimweh

Created as part of their ‘#inspiredby Heimweh’ storytelling platform, Lufthansa presents ‘A Home Unknown’. The short film captures German actress Emilia Schüle as she explores her Russian heritage, in a journey to her hometown of Blagoveshchensk.

‘A Home Unknown’ captures the actress fulfilling the dream of travelling on the Trans-Siberian railway to Blagoveshchensk, located in Eastern Russia on the border of China. Schüle was still a baby when her parents moved to Berlin, and her Russian heritage existed only in stories passed to her by family. “Being here makes me realise that I’m actually less of a stranger than I thought.”

With the platform of ‘#inspiredby Heimweh’, Lufthansa helps the actress shed light on a blind spot in the understanding of her history. Schüle sets out to discover her cultural roots and personal identity, and the short film reveals far beyond your usual travel video: as the third installment of the ‘Heimweh’ series, it demonstrates the strong emotional ties held by people to places. Schüle’s exploration of ‘Heimweh’ in ‘A Home Unknown’ leads to extraordinary new experiences and the feeling of reconciliation with distant childhood memories, with her story taking the form of a personal pilgrimage that results in a sense of accomplishment.

On reaching her destination of Blagoveshchensk, the actress declares, “Being here makes me realise that I’m actually less of a stranger than I thought.” Through the production of this inspirational series, Lufthansa presents the notion that your birthplace, as the origin of your personal growth, is always somewhere you will feel connected to.

Lufthansa Presents #inspiredby Heimweh Russia: A Home Unknown

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