A Luminous Cabin In The Norwegian Mountains

Rever and Drage Architects have created a whimsical four-part cabin in the Norwegian mountains. ‘Cabin at Troll’s Peak’ borrows its form from traditional cluster farms of the area: where buildings with different functions and different construction techniques are arranged in a line corresponding with the dominant direction of the wind.

Designed for an active outdoor family, the Cabin has practicality at its heart. Rever and Drage have utilized a traditional layout with the connecting row of cabins: each using materials and techniques that correspond to the different indoor functions as well as the weather conditions they must endure on the slopes of the mountain. “The choice of durable materials and a construction to fit the terrain will give the cabin a long life,” the firm explains. “Even in the harsh weather conditions of this high mountain valley…The building is further tailor-made to transport wet hikers from the glassed-in garage via a laundry area, bathroom and kitchen to a soft sofa by the fireplace and a wide panorama window.” This window grants expansive views to the peak of Ryssdalsnebba in the south, its lower position deliberate: to enjoy the view, you have to be seated. In good weather the doors can be opened on both the west and east, bringing the outdoors in. The building also offers bedrooms, a workplace, a bathroom and an airy kitchen and dining area.

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