A Luxury Swimming Pool In A Subterranean Pavilion In Italy

The project encompasses a sunken pavilion with an indoor swimming pool, a gym, and a conservatory attached to the front of the original house. The pavilion is submerged below the lawn in order to blend in with the surrounding gardens, thereby not obstructing the view of the home. The complex is constructed from exposed concrete and oak wood panels, with the surfaces surrounding the pool area covered in a mosaic of small white tiles. “This space is lowered and protected from sight by the relationship between the soft naturalness of the whole environment, and the simpler and more linear geometries of the pavilion”, explain the architects. Out on the grounds, a man-made lake is covered in lily pads and is accessible via a narrow wooden bridge, providing a sense of continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The design of ‘La Piscina del Roccolo’ allows the residence happy use of its facilities in both high summer and the middle of winter.

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