A Multi-Generational Home In Maebashi

Situated in the picturesque city of Maebashi, not far from the Japanese capital Tokyo, Shinta Hamada Architects have designed ‘House K’ to stand out from its suburban setting.

Noticing the uniform nature of the surrounding architecture, the client desired a home that would contrast against, and complement, the urban landscape. The first challenge the architects faced was the minimal space, and the need to house a multi-generational family comfortably. The second was designing the space so that the family had distinct private, common and free spaces. The private spaces are sectioned away at the north end of the home while the common spaces, which home the kitchen and living area, are located towards the south end of the residence. To connect the private and common areas, the middle section of the home is defined as ‘free’ space — a flexible section that can be utilized however the inhabitants choose, for example: a workspace, a gallery or a library. Unlike the rest of the home, the common space has been designed as an open-plan atrium. Large scale windows flank the atrium, flooding the common space with light — making it a tranquil space where the whole family can relax together. From the outside, the home retains a somewhat unconventional appearance: at points both staggered and bent with an interesting floor plan which adds another element of interest to the home.

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