A Raw And Authentic Residence By Gus Wüstemann

While reconstructing a multi-family house in Zurich, Switzerland, architects from gus wüstemann took the massive, historic stone walls as the starting point for applying new contemporary forms of living.

Located in the Zurich’s area of Seefeld, the building is 170 years. Thus, the project of its reconstruction became in fact a contextual dialogue with history. “In the workshops we answered to the large natural stone arches with a topography of concrete – a contemporary response to a strong historical element,” say the architects. Arranging five small apartments in the residential part of the building and four ateliers in the former workshops, the designers have put the rawness of the materials at the center of their project. Stone walls of one meter width, concrete furniture and wooden windows, all were put into the original, raw state and rebuilt raw. That way, the architects wanted to pay tribute to the material itself, with no particular hierarchy.

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