A Record Of New York’s Commuters

Berlin-based photographer Louis De Belle has shot an unusual series of street images from New York, reducing the visual data to the minimum.
Born in Milano, De Belle holds a BA in Visual Communication from the Politecnico di Milano and a MFA in Photography from the Bauhaus University of Weimar. In ‘Cartographies‘, he shows commuters from a different angle, capturing their backs and focusing on the details of their gourmets. This peculiar gallery of creases, sweat stains and dirt conveys the very specific feeling of being in a big, crowded city. Associated with irritation, lack of space, impatience on one hand, commuting also brings curiosity and a sense of common experience. Little traces on the clothes of fellow commuters can tell us about their day at work, their daily routine and even the time of their shift, growing into impressions of everyday lives. Eventually, says De Belle, these slight hints become the maps of everyone’s daily journeys.

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