A Romantic Treehouse Getaway By LanD Studio

The latest addition to our long list of treehouse crushes comes from Cambridge graduates, Andong Lu and Pingping Dou of LanD Studio.

Located in a woodland resort nestled amongst the treetop canopies of Mount Qiyun, China, “Treehouse M” offers a secluded luxurious escape that’s perfect for romantic getaways. Based on traditional Chinese design elements, the house’s floor plan was structured around eight prefabricated modular frames so as to minimise the need for laborious on-site construction. Guests follow a wooden walkway up to a partially-covered balcony finished in timber cladding, elegantly framing the breathtaking mountain scenery which can be viewed from a generous bathtub. Inside, the main room has two sets of curtains to allow for differing levels of light.

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