A Stone Ruin In The North Of Spain Reimagined As Villa Slow

Situated at the top of a small hill with a south facing aspect, the open plan villa has sweeping landscape views and a sunny outlook. Panoramic windows in the living-dining-kitchen open the house in both directions; framing scenes of mountains, trees and fields respectively. Bedrooms are found in both the east wing and on the compact and cosy mezzanine level that sits above a central bathroom unit.

The new structure draws heavily from regional vernacular, namely a style of dwelling known as ‘cabaña pasiega’ typical to the Cantabrian mountains. Traditionally built from limestone and slate, these mix-use buildings date back to the 16th century, and were only found on land with farming associations. Such bucolic realities are refined and luxuriously reimagined in ‘Villa Slow’, which has been built on the ruins of one such building.

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