A Telling Portrait Of Egypt, Mother and Son

Cairo-based photographer Denis Dailleux has captured a compelling tribute to the generosity of the Egyptian people. ‘Egypt, Mother and Son’ is sensitive in revealing the true self of his subjects, subverting cultural stereotypes to present a genuine and telling portrait of Cairo — his beloved home.

Denis’ photographs maintain a subtle palette so to not distract from the powerful narrative constructed from the body language and expressions in each image. Although boasting multitudes of juxtapositions concerning strength, age and gender, the subjects are united by their love for one another. The male subjects with their perfected physiques, which can be a source of family pride in Egypt, appear delicate through Denis’ lens. Rather than using common clichés, the series offers an intriguing perspective of Cairo’s inhabitants. ‘Egypt, Mother and Son’ is significant as Denis’ most personal work. To achieve such honest imagery, a personal bond between himself and those he frames is key.

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