A Trio of Self-Illuminating Plant Holders By Studio Goula Figuera

Barcelona-based design studio Goula Figuera created ‘Virile’ (meaning ‘green’ in Latin), a set of illuminated planters that combined vegetation with artificial lighting.

The self-timed LED lamps built in to the three types of plant holders replace the need for natural lighting, allowing plants and vegetables to grow indoors. “Viride Uno”, consisting of one static and one large LED panel, was created for air plants. “Viride Dos” includes a perpetually rotating plant container and an ultrasonic humidifier to keep the air moist, and “Virile Tres” was made for hanging plants with LED panels that rotate continually. “Viride blends the suggestive capability for transforming interiors of light with the decorative and natural beauty of plants in a new typology of object,” explain the designers. “The collection is composed of three different models each one specially designed for a specific plants’ morphology.”

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