A Unique Glass Terrarium

Offering a new perspective for observing and maintaining plants, the ‘Globe’ is a suspended hand-blown glass ball, providing space for a unique terrarium.

Designed by Richard Clarkson Studio (the team behind the interactive cloud lamp), the ‘Globe’ was originally created as a terrarium for ferns, moss, succulents and aquatic fauna. However, the designers soon discovered that there were many more exciting possibilities of the project. The glass ball has been created in diameters of 8 and 12 inches, available with or without an LED light source. The almost-invisible power cord is combined with a stainless steel cable, enabling the ball to hang in the air, focusing the viewer’s attention on the elements within. Beyond the piece’s primary function as a planter, it can also be used to protect and display objects, as well as diffusing and refracting light.

As explained by the designers, “when filled with water, the Globe acts as a spectacular lens – with the addition of a few drops of white or colored food dye, it is possible to create some truly stunning light effects. In this way Globe is very much an evolving vessel of both matter and light.”

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