A Versatile Vacation Home By Cristián Izquierdo

Architect Cristián Izquierdo created a pine wooden multifunctional holiday home opening up to a long beach, on top of a dune in the middle of nowhere in Chile.

The house can host up to three couples. The architectural concept derives from two accommodation types: motel and cabin. Motels are commonly associated with a possibility of anonymous stay, while cabins are mostly used as places of communion. Izquierdo’s ‘Casa en Morillos’ wants to combine both worlds.

The kitchen is situated in the center of the vacation home, accessible for all inhabitants. Next to the kitchen are a common area and three bedrooms, axially arranged. Each unit opens into the patio which connects the rooms. As a unique feature of the building is the facade that consists of 72 doors made of wood panels. They offer different possibilities of use depending on their position. When the panels are opened, the rooms and the courtyard can be transformed to an overall space. Tenants can also enjoy a magnificent view of the sea. In contrast, when the panels are closed, guests find themselves in private rooms.

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