A Weekend House Fusing Modern And Traditional Japanese Design

Situated in Kumano-cho, Japan, ‘Weekend House in Kumano’ was constructed by Araki+Sasaki Architects to provide a weekend retreat home for a family with children.

Araki+Sasaki believe in creating long-life architecture, rather than pursuing the veneer of novelty. These values can be perceived in ‘Weekend House in Kumano’, which takes traditional inspiration from the region of Kumano, a place famous for the production of traditional brushes. The incorporation of an older architectural style within the modern build works to a great visual and functional effect–Araki+Sasaki have built the 88 square meter property with large windows and openings, filling the space with natural light and fresh air, and inviting a view of the garden inside. The architects have also used bamboo-effect beams throughout the house and have created a ‘diagonal pass’ leading outside, intersecting with a floor area created from traditional stone materials used for making calligraphy brushes. ‘Weekend House in Kumano’ also features bedrooms with tatami mats, a sheltered patio and a south-facing skylight, fulfilling the client’s desire for increased privacy in the home.

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