‘Acoustic Tapestries’ By Nicolette Brunklaus

Whilst participating in a four week artist residency in Sefrou, designer Nicolette Brunklaus was introduced to traditional knotting and weaving techniques by local Moroccan crafts women. Brunklaus applied what she was taught in the small medina to a contemporary design project, entitled ‘Acoustic Tapestries’.

The tapestries have been created first and foremost as a solution to absorbing sound and enhancing the acoustics of a room. Unlike other methods of sound absorption, including wall panels and foam, Brunklaus has presented something visually interesting that embraces traditional craft. In her ‘Acoustic Tapestries’, the Dutch designer displays simple geometric patterning and contrasting blocks of colour, weaving an asymmetrical edge detailing that plays with a new structure for conventional sound panelling. Brunklaus offers a take on traditional tapestry that is both functional and innovative, offering the ability to dampen sound whilst brightening a room. The collection of works was presented alongside other hand-tufted pieces at the Piet Hein Eek Gallery, as part of the 2016 Dutch Design Week.

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