ACV By Anna Varendorff

The Melbourne studio of artist Anna Varendorff creates conceptual works of art, that function as design objects for the home. ACV studio is dedicated to creating metalwork pieces — specifically vases — that are all individual expressions of the craftsperson who made them.

Varendorff’s formal training as a metalsmith and artist come together in her unique collection of limited edition brass vases for ACV studio. Embracing the qualities of brass, ACV vases are buffed to a matte finished — they are left untreated so that they develop a beautiful patina over time (unless of course, you clean them). During the soldering process, pinks rise to the surface of the brass — a nod to the copper basis of the material. Varendorff calls this a “beautiful marking of the hand-making process [that] is never the same on any two pieces.” These vases are one of a kind, and perfect for placing your delicate stems and floral roadside finds.

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