Alessandra Sanguinetti Finds Beauty In Domesticity


Esteemed Photographer Alessandra Sanguinetti’s participation in the collaborative project ‘Home’ has produced a set of raw, humanist documentary images about the subject universally experienced by all.

For Sanguinetti, heart is where the home is. Born in New York, she grew up in Argentina before relocating to San Francisco some 33 years later. Her work for ‘Home’ explores the various emotional, social and cultural associations that go with identifying her home as being two places. The images show the practical and often unremarkable moments that happen in the home space, like locking and unlocking the door, washing our hands or scraping our knees. Yet, there’s an almost clinical feeling to her images, a purposeful measure to remove the sentimentality that often pairs with family images captured in our abodes. “Where you grow up becomes a reference for what home should and shouldn’t be”, she explained recently. “Patterns and habits and a sense of personal space are probably embedded within you and defined by your personal home, so what might seem like just another apartment to an outsider was a goldmine for me.”


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