Amazing Surreal And Glitchy Ceramic Artworks By Keiko Masumoto

It is a popular misconception that standard arts do not transform, and that they really don’t lend by themselves to present day principles. For example, people today consider that traditional ceramics are only intended to be copies of previous masterpieces, but Keiko Masumoto begs to differ and produces a tasteful mix involving the traditional and modern.

In some perception, her ceramic will work exhibit an attention-grabbing clash: a collision between the modern and the conventional tradition in the most literal sense. Her common pots, vases and plates are infused with sudden factors, like floral items, animals, and other seemingly random objects, ones which we don’t affiliate with ceramics at all. These clashes of type and operate, classics and modernity that permeate each individual of her ceramic artwork parts resolve them selves in a really surreal result appreciated by quite a few.

Additional: Keiko Masumoto, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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