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The new personal project by Italian artist Massimo Colonna is titled ‘Ambiguous’: a series of four digital renderings of open-air architectural spaces featuring puzzling visual elements.

The artist’s statement begins with a definition of the word ambiguous, which doubles as both the title and premise of the series: “Open to more than one interpretation”. The four images are inspired by exotic landscapes with sharp geometric lines and feature four different subjects: a cat, a ladder, a statue, and a clothing line with a hanging sheet. Upon closer inspection, the viewer notices that each subject begins and ends at the same time, their presence entering and exiting in an ‘ambiguous’ way. Colonna, who we’ve featured previously on iGNANT, explains of the images: “They project us into warm places where the sun draws definite lines, cutting large spaces divided by walls and arches”. His images are characterized by a surreal nature. “Unclear is their origin or function, uncertain is the destination. The answer is ambiguous”, he says.

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