An Artist Retreat In The Arctic Circle

In the Arctic Circle, a collection of nine cabins sit against the rocky landscape of Norway’s Fleinvær archipelago. A creation of the composer Håvard Lund, Fordypningsrommet is the world’s most northern artist residency.

Designed by the TYIN Tegnestue Architects and their mentor Sami Rintala, this collection of wooden cabins are both a return to nature and an opportunity for creative solitude. Designed to jut from the land, their outsides are clad in sustainable hardwood and each of the nine cabins is designed with a different purpose. “Visitors are able to experience an undisturbed stay out here amongst nature.”Separated by function, there are sleeping quarters, a kitchen house, a studio house, an inspiration house, a bathhouse, and of course — most importantly — the sauna house on the pier.  Of the residency space, Lund has said; “The objective of our retreat is that visitors are able to experience an undisturbed stay out here amongst nature, finding the inspiration to embark on a new creative journey.” The name, Fordypningsrommet, translates from Norwegian to mean room for deeper studies — something that the archipelago, which encompasses between 200 and 300 islands, offers in abundance.

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